Child’s Birthday Party

Collage FPetBTetPC BBProfessionalism is important to us, so we use high-grade non-toxic face specific paints, safer cosmetic grade glitter and sanitize my supplies regularly. All easily removable with mild soap and water. Wide selection of designs for kids & adults to choose from. Designs available for custom themes like Frozen, Elsa, Canada Day, MLP, Angry Birds, Minnie Mouse, Superheros, etc. Glitter tattoos are also available – ideal for teens, water park and pool parties.

PRICE LIST – Kids Birthday Parties

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❖ 2-3 hours of face painting is our most sought after booking

Are you a repeat client? Ask about our loyalty offers.

— Two hours of Pro service (face painting or balloon twisting), plus two hours of Apprentice service (face painting or balloon twisting) for $150.
— Two hours of Pro service (face painting), plus two hours of Pro service (balloon twisting) for $200.

$ 55/hr PRO FACE PAINTING (2 hours +)
$ 65 one-hour-only face painting

$ 55/hr balloon twister (2 hours +)

$ 65 one-hour-only balloon twisting

$ 40/hr jr. entry level apprentice(2 hours +)
$ 75/hr premium artist

$ 30 add on per character-princess artist (Snow Queen, Snow White, PIRATE, Alice, Little Red Riding Hood)

$75/hr glitter tattoos (12), or $100 for 16

Balloon decor based on intricacy and volume of request (starting at $50).

No booking fee
No deposits required

No set-up fees
Travel fee may apply for some areas ($30/per artist)

Prices honoured if booked by May 1st, 2017.

Time Guide Per Painter: 1-6 highly detailed designs of their choosing per hour (recommended), 7-12 quicker basic designs per hour. Premium painter can do 15 designs per hour with special gem clusters. Princess Painter 5-7 faces an hour. Please note a junior artist is only able to do 4-7 faces an hour and may be unable to do certain designs. Keep in mind that smaller children tend not to sit still and may take longer to complete. If schedule permits, we will gladly fulfill extension requests they day of.

Time Guide Per Balloon Twister: 1-6 highly detailed designs of their choosing per hour (recommended), 7-10+ quicker basic designs per hour. Apprentice will limited designs and can complete a maximum of 8 pieces per hour. Premium painter will have more specialty balloons, and can do  an average of 20 designs per hour with a larger repertoire.


Booking one to two months in advance is encouraged. The most coveted time slots are between 12noon and 5pm on weekends. However, we welcome last minute inquiries – as we are often able to fill those requests and they account for a fair portion of our business.


We strive for excellent service and to give you the best event possible. The greatest tip you can give is a referral to a friend and repeat business, but if you still wish to tip your painter it is very much appreciated.

Tipping your painter is 100% optional. ☺


Fill out our quick contact form. General inquiries welcomed. Please provide me with as much information as you can, so that I may best assist you.